ABATE of Georgia, Urgent: Call to Action!

We need your help!

These bills MUST reach the senate by crossover day (Feb 28) to move on this session.

HB 401, to exclude motorcyclist from the prohibition on use of headphones for listening to radio or music: http://www.legis.ga.gov/Legislation/en-US/display/20172018/HB/401

HB 673, Distracted Driver Bill: http://www.legis.ga.gov/legislation/en-US/Display/20172018/HB/673

Don't know who your legislators are?

Contact your State legislators and ask them to support our legislation

Check out, download and share legislative information and strategy at
the ABATE of GA downloads page
Do you have a skill that could help A.B.A.T.E. and would like to volunteer? Tell us about it here!

ABATE of Georgia is the only organization in Georgia dedicated to fighting for our rights as motorcyclists.

We will not forget the countless victims that have suffered at the hands of distracted and careless drivers. We will continue to fight for safer roads and to rid the state of wire guard rails that kill bikers. But we can’t change laws, change perceptions or stress the need for motorcycle awareness by ourselves. We need you. We need your energy, we need your dollars and we need your support to continue the work.

What can you do?

1. You can join ABATE of Georgia and know that all of your money will help continue our fight and

make sure our brothers will not be forgotten.

2. You can support our events.

Our pleas, concerns and grant requests to The GOHS, Governors Office of Highway Safety, have fallen

on deaf ears. Contact Bob Dallas and Fred Huff of the Governors Office of Highway Safety and stand

with us as we demand accountability for the Motorcycle Awareness Funds. Let them know that we are

strong, united and determined to bring motorcycle awareness programs and visibility to Georgia.

GOHS Director
Bob Dallas

Phone: 404-657-0540
Email: rdallas@gohs.ga.gov

Fred Huff
Planner--Motorcycle Education

Phone: 404-651-8457
Email: fhuff@gohs.ga.gov

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