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Some of ABATE’s accomplishments over the years:

· Successfully lobbied for legislation that created the Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program (GMSP), our state’s rider education program that is available to all.

· Lobbied to have legislation passed to modify the existing mandatory helmet law to allow adults age 21 and older freedom of choice as to the wearing of a helmet.

· Successfully lobbied for legislation leading to the repeal of the Georgia law prohibiting use of speakers or headphones while riding a motorcycle.

· Fought and stopped legislation introduced in the 1992 Session of the Georgia General Assembly that would have made it illegal for kids age 10 and under to ride as passengers on motorcycles.

· Established May as “Motorcycle Awareness and You” month through a proclamation signed by the Governor and through resolutions passed by the Senate and House each year. This is an annual effort that raises public awareness of motorcycles.

· Successfully lobbied legislators to approve increased funding for the Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program, in the amount of $170,000 after the license tag rate was raised on all vehicles to $20.

· Successfully stopped proposed legislation that would have increased the size of motorcycle tags.

· Successfully lobbied for handicapped tags for motorcycles without further enabling legislation, by bringing it to the attention of the Department of Revenue that the code section was written in such a way that it was already authorized.

· Successfully lobbied for antique tags for motorcycles in the 1998 legislative session.

· Established a 15 District organization that has led to more participation locally, while raising our membership statewide. The more members we have, means the more clout we have at the State Capitol.

· Sponsor and promote the largest Swap Meet/Bike Show in Georgia!

· Successfully forced prosecution of a trucker who, while making an illegal turn, killed fellow motorcyclist Mark Bonner.

· Successfully lobbied to pass the “Frank-Lee” (ROW) bill to enhance penalties to those who cause death or serious injury to a motorcyclists by failing to yield the right of way.

· Successfully lobbied to pass the “Tag/Title” bill SB-437 that allows for registration of kit/assembled bikes. Signed by Governor Purdue May 14, 2008.

· Successfully lobbied to pass “Enhanced Penalties for Right of Way Violations” SB-196. Signed into law in 2009.


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